HPV Technologies Inc.
Wednesday, January 26, 2022




HPV is a Solutions Based company...


that partners with our clients to create innovative, out-of-the-box solutions

for all types of verbal communication requirements.


           As a Solutions Based company, we integrates our innovative acoustical technologies into state-of-the-art communication systems.  It's pretty common for most manufacturing companies to talk about all of the hardware they build.  But HPV's approach is different

          The products we create are solutions...solutions that solve your most challenging communication issues.  Our experienced team of application experts are here to listen, ask questions, and partner with you as we work together to solve your most complex communication challenges.   

           Whether the need is for the highest level of speech clarity and intelligibility, or long-throw mass notification, or the demanding performance requirements of world-class musical artists, there is a MAD system that will bring stellar results every time. 

          MAD products are currently used in a variety of applications throughout the world.  The following list identifies users and applications where MAD systems can be used.  If you don't see your particular area of interest listed, feel free to contact our Applications Group to discuss your specific requirements.

Click on the User Group to learn about the MAD application.
 User Groups  Applications...
Law Enforcement
• Patrol and Bicycle Officers:
     Crowd Control
     Traffic Control
• Tactical Teams
• Drug Interdiction
• Air "chopper" support
• On-board security and hailing for Tanker and Container vessels.
• Cruise Ships and Private Yacht Safety
• Container and Passenger Terminal Safety
• Harbor Patrol and Enforcement
• Naval and Coast Guard Vessels
Mass Notification
• Schools-Colleges-Universities Security
• Military Base Security
• Stadiums, Arenas, and Sporting Complexes
• Race TracksNASCAR, Drag Strips, Horse Racing
• Public Recreation AreasBeaches, Parks, Ski Resorts
• Themed Amusement Venues
• Industrial Facilities:  Oil Refineries, Electrical & Nuclear Power,              Chemical Manufacturing
• State and Federal Fire Agencies
• Fire and Rescue
Cities and Municipalities:  Street and Traffic Control,      Roadway/Bridge Security
• FEMA and Homeland Security
• Training Facilities
• Shooting Ranges
• Checkpoints and Security
• Flightline and Maintenance Facilities
• Naval and Coast Guard Ships and Aircraft
• Entertainment Venues:  Theaters, Concert Halls, Amphitheaters, Arenas, Sports Complexes, Convention Centers
Houses of Worship
• Themed Amusement Parks
• Broadcast Venues:  Television and Recording Studios
• Production and Touring Sound
Public Safety
• Border Patrol:  Surveillance and Border Crossings
• Coast Guard:  Harbor Enforcement, Drug Interdiction, Coastal & Open Water Security
Transportation Centers:  Airports and Air Cargo Facilities,Train Stations, Ocean Ports, Cruise Ships, Ferry and Freight Container Terminals
Fire and Rescue:  State/Federal Fire Management and      Suppression, Beach Patrols, Lifeguard Rescue, Mountain Rescue, Civil Air Patrol, Coast Guard Rescue
Disaster Response:  Civil Defense, National Guard, FEMA
BASH: Bird Abatement Strike Hazard