HPV Technologies Inc.
Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Planar Technology

          Imagine having just one transducer that’s so versatile that it can be used to create multiple systems with a variety of performance capabilities.  The MAD M-1 driver is such a device.  Its versatility is so broad that over 20 separate speakers systems are created from this one driver.

         So what can the MAD planar driver do?  Perhaps the real question should be, is there anything this driver can’t do?  When the unique and subtle characteristics of planar magnetic drivers is understood, it becomes apparent that it can overcome virtually every shortcoming of convention speaker technology.           

          Our design team has creatively place drivers into a variety of frames and enclosures that can produce any dispersion angle desired with any type of frequency response or desired SPL output.  The performance capabilities of the MAD systems are only limited by the imagination of the user. 

          So...if you want to learn more about this amazing technology, follow the links below.


Click the following links to access technical information about planar systems.

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