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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

A-8 & A-9

MAD's A-8 & A-9 Surface Planar Array...

...your best option when the sound has to be

Spectacular !!!


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   The MAD A series (Array) of planar magnetic speakers have redefined a new standard in concert audio.   Utilizing the extraordinary MAD-1 planar transducer, the A-8 and A-9 systems create a sonic field that reveals the most subtle musical details, exceptional imaging, and stellar clarity in a way that has to be heard to be fully appreciated.  Gone are the limitation of early planar speakers that were too big, too power hungry, and too inefficient for large scale performances.  The new technology in MAD's planar transducers overcomes the design problems inherent in today's conventional line array systems.

   So what makes the MAD systems so exceptional?  The answer lies in the MAD-1 planar transducer.  First, this driver is a full range device that operates from ~100 Hz to 18 kHz.  This means that in the A-8/9 arrays there are no crossover points needed in any of the critical vocal and musical bandpass.  No crossover points also mean there are no phase shift and signal alignment issues or changes in the tonal response as the sound passes through multiple drivers...all of which degrades the sonic performance.

   Second, the MAD-1 transducer creates a planar wave rather than a conical wave...that's the type which emanates from conventional cone and compression drivers.  In simple terms, a planar wave is highly directional, radiating away from the transducer in a narrow beam. 

   When planar transducers are positioned next to each other, their combined acoustical energy sums together perfectly without any comb filtering resulting in a very smooth and uniform dispersion in both the horizontal and vertical fields.  And when multiple A-8 or A-9 rows are stacked into tall arrays, this acoustical summing extends down in frequency...resulting in an amazing full-range performance from 60 Hz to 18 kHz.  For more details on planar performance, click here.

   In concert venues when higher levels of low frequency output are needed, the MAD SB-Series of cardioid bass cabinets can be flown next to the A-8/A-9 arrays.  Utilizing these components together will increase system SPL and extend the LF down to 50 Hz.  When sub-bass performance needs to extend below 50 Hz, the MAD VFL-Series speakers can be incorporated as ground stacks. 

  One additional unique characteristic of the A Series is the ability to create asymmetrical horizontal and vertical coverage patterns by masking off individual drivers.  This function become especially useful when you want to keep the acoustical energy from a few drivers from reflecting off nearby wall or ceiling segments.

   For more information on this masking feature or for pricing details, contact our Applications Group.

  For specifications on the MAD A-8 and A-9 Surface Planar Arrays arrays, click here.