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Wednesday, January 26, 2022


The HIGH PERFORMANCE - MEDIUM THROW... MTW Planar Array Speaker...


          The MTW is an arrayable tri-amped speaker that combines planar mid and high frequency drivers with dual twelve inch, long excursion, side firing low frequency drivers.  Useful as a medium throw speaker, it can create sustained SPL levels of 112 dB at 150 feet with a minimum of 4 cabinets.   And with a wave guide coupled to the mid-range driver, exceptional pattern control is maintained down to 300 Hz. 


          The MTW's small enclosure measures only 29.8" wide x 16.6" high x 20.3" deep.  With a 70° horizontal x 20° vertical dispersion pattern, the MTW is optimized for a system response from 55 Hz to 18 Khz.  Combine the MTWs and the VFL-Jr. compact subwoof cabinets and get low frequency performance down to 35 Hz.   The MTW speaker exceptional sonic detail and imaging makes it an superior choice in stereo or surround sound applications or when used as near field monitors, fill speakers, or flown as line arrays. 

       MTW 3-way speaker
The MTW can be configured as a flown array or in a ground stacked array.
MTW without Grills MTW Arrays
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