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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Mass Notification - new technologies...

Mass Notification...

...new technologies for getting the message heard!  


...a new reality-Global Threats
          The sophisticated threats of terrorists now facing our local, national, and global communities and the enormity and frequency of natural disasters have created new demands for more effective communication on a worldwide basis.  No institution, business, community, or country is exempt from any terrorist act or emergency disaster.

...old-school Mass Notification
      Today's mass notification or “giant voice” systems are replacing antiquated and inefficient systems with new cutting-edge solutions.  Old-school methods with shrill whistles, clanging bells, horns, sirens, and other amplified sounds have all been used to warn communities of eminent danger.  Neighborhoods that considered themselves safe havens only a few years ago must now find new means of informing and protecting their citizens. 

      A new reality now exists where state and federal agencies must implement methods of communicating with hundreds and thousands of people at one time.  Gone are the days when blasting tones, screeching whistle, and droning sirens are considered adequate to deliver clear and meaningful messages to the public.  In today’s world,
ill-defined and unintelligible warning signals, are no longer effective or acceptable...people need to hear clear and articulate instructions that will help protect them and lead them to safety.

...who's most vulnerable?
      Past events have shown that terrorism can strike anywhere...from major world cities to a remote vacation islands.  The unfortunate truth is that everyone could become a victim. 

          Here's a partial list of potential targets...
  • Transportation Centers; Airports, Train/Subway Stations, Bus Terminals

  • Ocean Ports

  • Government and Judicial Office Buildings

  • Landmarks and Historical Buildings

  • Educational Facilities; Schools, Colleges, Universities

  • Commercial Maritime Vessels and Cruise Ships

  • Industrial Facilities; Chemical, Petroleum, Nuclear

  • Military Bases

  • Entertainment and Sporting Venues

  • Hotels and Tourist Destinations


...a new Solution!

      To meet this growing need for effective communication, HPV Technologies has developed the MAD Mass Notification System, the newest and most articulate delivery system ever developed for verbal mass notification.  At the heart of this system is MAD's powerful planar magnetic speaker.  Those familiar with the early years of planar technology (it’s been around for nearly a century) may recall all of the mechanical and electrical problems that were inherent to those early planar systems.  But everything changed in 1998 when HPV Technologies unveiled their first generation planar speakers, dubbed the MAD M-700.  
      Now in its 4 generation of development, the clarity, articulation, and power handling of the newest MAD M-1 driver has redefined the sonic standards for mass notification.  With the capacity to throw sound beyond a mile, MAD's Mass Notification systems can deliver performance levels that are unachievable by any conventional cone or compression speaker system. 

...3 Requirements
      So how does this planar technology affect the diverse needs of mass notification?  There are 3 signification ways...

First, a MAD planar system provides real verbal messages and instructions that can be given which are specific to the circumstances.  For example, if someone starts shooting a gun, the public needs specific instruction that will guide them to safety, such as
"stay indoors in a secure area...wait for security"
, rather than just hearing a undefined siren or horn. 

      Second, verbal instructions can be heard over very large areas.  The exceptional power handling and clarity of planar speakers, allows them to be clearly heard up to 1 mile from the speaker's source.  In addition, some circular speaker arrays can broadcast instructions into an area that's one mile in diameter.  This long-throw capability means that planar systems can protect more people over a larger area, with significantly fewer speakers than conventional systems. 

      Third, the clarity and articulation of a planar speaker can be heard even in spaces with a high noise level.  An emergency message is of no value if it can be understood.  So in addition to volume, the intelligibility of the speaker is paramount.  MAD's planar speakers have scored a perfect score on the CIS intelligibility test.  

...so What's Next?
      If you're the person responsible for emergency communication, ask yourself three questions.

  1. Is my organization doing all it can to protect our staff and the people we serve? 

  2. Do we have a system that can instantly communicate life-saving instructions in the event of an emergency situation?

  3. What are the potential costs to human life or property if we do not have an effective communication system in place?

      If you are not satisfied with your answers to the above questions, click here to find out what you can do to protect lives and property.


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