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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Mass Notification-can YOUR message be heard?

Mass Notification...

...can YOUR message be heard?           

...Mass Notification Venues

          To meet a growing need for large scale public communication, HPV Technologies has developed the MAD Mass Notification System, the newest and most articulate delivery system ever developed for verbal mass notification.  With over a dozen products purpose-built for this market, there is a solution for any communication application.

          MAD's systems can be configured to cover any environment with clear, articulate speech at volumes in excess of 80 dB throughout the listening areas.  Any place where people live or gather for education, sports, recreation, entertainment, or travel are all venues that must provide immediate and clear communication with the public during any natural disaster or public emergency. 

...the Spec's.
          At the heart of this system is MAD's powerful planar magnetic speakerNow in its 4 generation, the performance of the newest M-1 driver has redefined the sonic standards for mass notification.  With a sensitivity of 103 dB (at 1w/1m), a full range frequency response of 60 Hz to 18 kHz, distortion levels at <0.01%, and the capacity to throw sound beyond a mile, the MAD Mass Notification systems can deliver performance levels that are unachievable by any other conventional speaker system.

...Installed or Portable
          Many of these Mass Notification speakers that are designed for permanent installations on buildings, bridges, poles, or other existing structures.  Check out the MAD M-series and WG-series speakers for these applications.  All of these speakers can shoot sound as near as a ¼ mile...and some can be arrayed to shoot out to beyond a mile, insuring that your messages are clearly heard at any distance.  
          In many situations, a Mass Notification system must be portable for immediate setup at temporary command centers or mounted on to emergency vehicles.  For those application, HPV has a flexible family of compact speakers designed to be hand held, mounted on lightweight stands, or on bicycles and cars.  (Check out the LT-PMS series for these applications). 

          When long distance communication is needed...
beyond a ½ mile, there are several remotely controlled pan and tilt speakers that are mounted to cars, trucks, buses, ATV’s (all terrain vehicles), marine vessels, aircraft, or other emergency vehicles.  The flexibility built into the MAD systems insures that emergency teams can quickly mobilize and establish a communications system that informs the public in any critical situation.

...the Microphone

          HPV’s systems also use innovative and highly effective tools for producing the emergency messages.  When instant verbal commands are required, a highly directional head worn microphone can be used.  This microphone, available in a wired or wireless configuration, gives the communicator maximum mobility and flexibility and is very effective when immediate, public safety instructions must be given to large crowds. 

...the Language Translator

          In special incidents, it's also necessary to communicate in multiple languages.  In this case, the HPV Phraselater® accessory can be connected to any system.  The Phraselater® translates commands spoken in any language into any second language, in near real-time speed.  With a built-in library with dozens of languages, the operator can quickly select the source and translated languages from the simple control panel.  Once the message is spoken into the microphone, it is immediately heard translated through the speaker.

          The Phraselater® library contains a “standard library” of prerecorded messages for frequently used phrases.  It also has a "user-defined" library that allows the creation and storage of prerecorded "custom messages".  Every phrase and message, regardless of the language in which it was originally spoken, can be playback in any language. 

          HPV is continually innovating new technologies which direct announcements from command and control centers, security stations, or local incident commanders to be broadcast to their intended audiences.  With the unsurpassed clarity inherent in MAD’s planar speakers, HPV’s Mass Notification is the system of choice for any situation where the message must be heard and understood. 


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