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Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Subwoof Series of Bass Speakers
                        VFL Subwoof                            VFL-jr Subwoof                  
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     From the beginning, HPV Technologies’s design strategy has been to use cutting-edge technology to create the finest sounding loudspeakers.  The VFL-Series of subwoof speakers continues HPV’s tradition of producing stellar sound, even from the ultra low frequencies...sounds that typically have been treated as being useful for only “thump, punch, n’ boom”.  While this is an important requirement in contemporary music, there is also musical detail and color that needs to be clearly heard and felt.



      The VFL series includes two models, each using a single 18” driver; the VFL horn-loaded enclosure and the compact VFL-jr. front-load, vented enclosure.  The VFL’s horn-loaded design produces exceptionally high SPL output, which is characteristic of this enclosure.  The added benefit is the exceptional sonic clarity, definition and uncolored quality of sound.  HPV’s VFL sub is ideally suited for touring or installed systems where high output and sonic clarity must be heard as well as felt.



      The VFL-jr. packs the same exceptional sonic detail, power, and ultra low distortion levels that are found in it’s big brother into a very small box.  With its small and compact footprint, the VFL-jr. become an excellent choice for touring or installed systems where LF performance cannot be sacrificed and the cabinet’s physical dimensions must remain small enough to fit into shallow or confined spaces such as under the stage.


     For more information regarding specific applications of Subwoof speakers, email info@hpvtech.com, or call the HPV Applications Group at 949-476-7000, or click here.

•  For technical information on the VFL and VFL-jr. subwoof speakers, click here.