HPV Technologies Inc.
Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Round Speakers Have Flaws


          The conventional wisdom in the world of speaker design has presumed that the best performance will come from a transducer with a round form factor.  However this is no longer the case.


          ..."The conventional round cone or compression transducer is NOT the best shape for a loudspeaker.  These shapes have inherent mechanical and acoustical flaws that create distortion and prevent a true reproduction of the original sound source." 


          These are the words of Ray Imblum, CTO at HPV Technologies.  Ray's 30+ years of experience in math, electronics, and physics have created solutions that solve the fundamental flaws inherent in conventional round speaker design.  While the physics and math theory used to solve these problems is very complicated, there are some easy to understand explanations for why these solutions work. 

           To view Ray's illustrations and hear his straight forward narrative, follow this link to his video tutorial.