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Wednesday, January 26, 2022


...MAD products supporting the troops!
          HPV Technologies has been supporting our US military with the development of several purpose-built products to enhance communication in combat zones.  While it's necessary to keep the details confidential of how our forces use MAD products in combat situations, we can say that MAD systems are being used for a variety of training and security functions.

          Training sharpshooter at the firing ranges presented some significant challenges for the training instructors.  During the rifle training, the ambient noise levels from dozens of solders firing hundreds of rounds per minute was so intense that verbal commands could not be heard by the trainees when using the conventional paging speaker system. 
          Based on a speaker demonstration where HPV Technologies participated, the military selected the MAD LT-PMS speaker series to replace the existing system.  As a result of the installation, the clarity and power from the new MAD system now allows the training instructions and commands to be heard by all personnel under any condition.

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MAD speakers controls firing line activities.
     Range control personnel overcome extreme noise levels from the rifle range as they train infantry solders.  Their commands are clearly heard across the 300 yard shoot range using the LT-PMS-2 planar speakers.

          Security checkpoints can be more effective by transmitting very powerful verbal commands to approaching vehicles or pedestrians before they get into a secure area.  Warnings commands and instructions can easily be heard beyond a ½ mile from the Stop Sign thereby creating an added protection buffer for the security personnel.
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The MAD Stop Sign
     The MAD Stop Sign arrays twenty-four planar speakers on to a flat panel.  The shape of this array results in a very narrow "beam" of sound which is extremely clear and articulate.  

     The long-throw capability of the Stop Sign allows security personnel to communicate and control traffic and pedestrians before they arrive at the checkpoint.

          HPV's development of music products for large sound reinforcement systems have migrated into applications for the military.  The MuzikBox® system is especially suited for requirements where very loud speech or music reinforcement is needed from a self-contained package which can also be setup in less than 10 minutes. 

          By simply removing the roadcase covers, connecting AC power and an audio source, and the system is ready for operation.  The built-in amplifiers and digital signal processing (DPS) are preset for optimum performance.  Access is also provided to the output controls when it's necessary to make minor adjustments.
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MuzikBox  w/o cover
     MAD's MuzikBox® is a self-contained sound system designed for rapid deployment and setup. 

     Utilizing 24 MAD-1 planar drivers and two 12" LF drivers along with built-in amplifiers and DSP, the system is ideal for full-range music or wide area high level, speech reinforcement. 

     All speakers and electronics are contained within the roadcase.  Power and audio signal connections are made through a removable access panel.

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