HPV Technologies Inc.
Wednesday, January 26, 2022


"...when musical compromise isn't an option...
...GET MAD! "
          This is more than just a slogan.  It states the obvious for those who are passionate about their music and won't accept anything but perfection. 
          Audiophiles rarely agree on anything.  However when it comes to the topic of what's absolute best in sonic performance there is wide consensus on one thing...that "planar magnetic transducers represent the holy grail of musical reproduction particularly with regards to imaging, sonic detail, and zero coloration". 
          Planar "type" speakers have been available to the esoteric music world for decades.  But it wasn't until the MAD (Magnetic Audio Device) driver was introduced by HPV in 1998 that the professional audio world could finally experience in a concert setting, the absolutely stellar performance of this revolutionary technology. 
    Professional Audio sales and marketing campaigns frequently hype their products  with descriptions like "the best", "newest", "the most advanced, "beyond anything you've ever heard before". 

    And yet when  you take a close look at their product the reality is that very little has actually changed.  This however is NOT the case with the MAD driver.  It really is a totally new approach in transducer technology!
          There are lots of technical factors that launch MAD planar speakers head and shoulders above all other conventional speakers.  And you can read about many of them in the pages under the "Technical" tab of is site. 
          But regardless of all the new and cool technology that's built into our MAD products, the bottom line is this..."how does it sound?"  And the comments that we've heard repeatedly from thousands of listeners...is "frankly...their pretty amazing!".  So don't take our word for it, contact our office for a location where you can hear our systems already installed.